Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tebow: Headlines for the Right Reasons

Photo by: Jeffrey Beall
A Colorado native and long-time resident, I have been an ardent Broncos fan since I watched my first football game.  When the Broncos signed Tim Tebow I was excited because I knew of his deep religious convictions and I was glad his influence was coming to Denver, regardless of his capabilities.  Of course, when he began his winning streak (Broncos vs Patriots aside) it was merely icing on the cake.  Not surprisingly, Tebow has summoned forth a preponderance of critics, some rebuking his skill and many others chiding his religious zeal.  Yet I wonder, with my bias aside, is there anyone else garnering headlines this year that is a more positive role model?

Looking back on 2011 and contemplating the individuals who captured the majority of our newsprint (and pixels) the list looks something like this:

Lindsay Lohan:  In and out of court for drug and alcohol problems and has become the poster child of Hollywood self-destruction
Kim Kardashian: Reality TV's latest example of a dysfunctional family; married for an insultingly short 72 days; more concerned about appearances than anything of real value
Osama Bin Laden: Died a cowards death after years in hiding; greatest claim to fame is the murder of thousands of innocent people
Lady Gaga: Best known for her eccentric style and backwards sense of morality; wore a dress of raw meat to protest eating meat (because apparently killing animals for no other purpose than fashion is far better)
Jerry Sandusky: Scumbag child predator, enough said.
Herman Cain: GOP primary candidate who showed promise, but became embroiled in scandal over claims of sexual harassment and adultery
Steve Jobs: Apple founder and icon who dies of pancreatic cancer...not than anything is wrong with this, but there's not much that's overtly positive or negative

The list could become quite lengthy, but overall I cannot think of another individual who has exerted as much positivity over the news as Tim Tebow.  He has shown himself of upright character and optimism even amid scathing criticism and a loss to the New England Patriots.  Moreover, he stands up against those who challenge his beliefs even though they are not politically correct.  In fact, Tebow challenges the rest of us, whether we agree with him or not, to stand up publicly for our beliefs in a confident and respectful way.  He leads by example to show us that we can battle against the cultural current.

As long as Tim Tebow continues to honor God, remain humble, and stay positive his influence will have good ramifications.  I am thankful for a person who is making news based on his moral and upright character and optimism.  In a world rife with negativity, pestilence, and moral depravity it is refreshing to see so much coverage on the other end of the spectrum.  Although the almost miraculous fourth quarter wins have been exciting to watch and certainly a part of his rise to fame, I believe the largest portion of Tebow's positive favor is a consequence of his peculiar positivity.

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  1. I too am thankful for the stir Tim Tebow is making. What makes me sad, however, is when I think of this: Would he be met with as much criticism and taunting if, say, he were giving glory to a religion such as ISLAM at the end of each game??? I think not...for then it would be considered in poor taste; "politically incorrect," as it were. Christians, however, seem to be open season. Think about that.