Friday, December 16, 2011

Headline Rewind week of Dec 12

Moving to Canada Just Became More Attractive

Canada announced it is dropping out of the Kyoto Protocol, a long-standing, ill conceived, and ineffective piece of globalism slated as the panacea to Anthropogenic Global Warming.  Proving its new conservative leadership is more logical and realistic than the USA's, Canada has provided yet another piece of evidence that it is a nation worth living in.  However, I will still not be moving to Canada because I'm not about to give U.S. liberals that kind of satisfaction.

President Obama Sizes up the 2012 Competition, but Remains Ignorant of his own Failures

Obama again invoked liberal rhetoric when interviewed about his thoughts on the GOP candidates for the 2012 presidential race.  For the second time in less than a week, Obama decried them as conservative ideologues (apparently not knowing what a real conservative is) who wish to promote the wealthy at the expense of all others.  He further asserted that the economic ills we face today are a consequence of three decades of failed conservative economic theory.

Apparently, Obama doesn't realize that conservatism has been waning steadily over the last 100 years; most notably ever since FDR graced us with socialism run amuck.  Contrary to a [true] conservative view, our nation has become ever more shackled by government regulation making a "free market" system farther and farther from reality.  Instead, we have transition closer to the liberal utopia of total government control, but in spite of this trend we have still suffered economic recessions, accounting scandals, government corruption, and multiple Ponzi schemes (not just Social Security).  In the past three years, the trajectory towards statism has only worsened under the "leadership" of Obama whose first two years in office included Democratic party control of the entire government.  Therefore, Obama's suggestion that conservative ideals have made this country worse doesn't measure up to reality.  Lacking any success of his own, because his Marxist views have never and will never work, Obama is instead waging a campaign war preying upon the ignorance of many and the like-mindedness of a few while leveraging his dishonesty via a sympathetic media.

Iran Begs to be Bombed

In its latest nose-thumbing to the rest of the world, Iran downed a U.S. stealth drone intact and also began maneuvers in the Strait of Hormuz to blockade oil shipments from the region as retaliation against economic sanctions.  These events come shortly after attempting to assassinate foreign dignitaries on U.S. soil and ongoing efforts to develop nuclear weapons.  To any fair minded American these are all obvious evidences that Iran needs to be severely punished.  However, President Obama continues to prefer his typical approach to international relations: pretentious huffiness.  Watch out Ahmadinejad...Obama might roll his eyes at you!

The Government Saves Christmas at Kmart

Photo by: Caldorwards4
Oh it didn't.  Instead, anonymous private donors across the country have been paying off layaway accounts at Kmart stores.  Many of the unsuspecting benefactors have been surprised by calls from Kmart staff informing them their layaway accounts are paid up and they can claim the merchandise; it has come as a perfectly timed Christmas blessing.  Although the payoffs weren't part of a government social welfare program (as liberals suspected), we can be assured the IRS will attempt to collect taxes on the "income" these lucky families have received via the payoffs.

America Makes Significant Strides Towards a National Religion

Atheist Alliance International logo
Despite the Constitution's First Amendment Establishment Clause preventing Congress from establishing a religion, the United States continues its steady march towards a national religion.  Across the country this Christmas season the free exercise of Christianity has been impeded and the state religion imposed in its place.  In California, public school teachers were barred from decorating their classrooms with offensive things like poinsettias and stockings; Boca Raton, Florida has outlawed any "holiday symbol" in public places; Rhode Island's governor Lincoln Chafee has called the state's illuminated and decorated tree a "holiday tree" avoiding the apparently controversial name: Christmas Tree.  Atheism, the religion of randomness and meaninglessness, has instead been propped up as the national religion.  Atheists have successfully launched campaigns against Christianity, apparently offended by anyone who practices a religion that is not their own.  However, government officials have not forbade the use of public places for the placement of Atheists' religious symbols and messaging.

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