Friday, November 11, 2011

Headline Rewind - Week of Nov 7

Occupy Protestors Prove Math Isn’t Their Cup of Tea

Opinion polls for the Occupy [bowel] movement are showing plummeting public approval.  Depending upon the poll, the Occupiers have about a 30% approval among Americans calling into question the group’s 99% claim.  Perhaps it is the 53% of earners who actually pay taxes that are upset by the group’s vociferous demands for government handouts that has turned off many would-be supporters.  Alternatively, it might be the 31% of respondents from Occupy Wall Street that believe violence is justified in pursuit of their ends.  Of course, I would rule out the rampant violence against police, destruction of public and private property, or the obstruction of businesses resulting in job-losses caused by Occupy. 

Regardless of the reason, Occupy’s claim of representing 99% of the populous doesn’t add up.  Maybe that’s why so many are swimming in tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt  - they simply couldn’t figure out the arithmetic that would have proved an ivy league arts degree isn’t a good investment.

Iran Thinks We’re Stupid

Photo by Daniella Zalcman
Iran’s Ahmadinejad still insists his nation’s nuclear program is for peaceful purposes.  Apparently, Ahmadinejad thinks we’d also leave our kids with the neighborhood pedophile because he gives them a lolipop.  On the other hand, the Obama administration’s inept response to the brewing crises might in fact prove we are that stupid- or at least the majority of Americans who elected the President are.

Thank goodness for Israel, a nation with the common sense to prep for the inevitability of a nuclear Iran despite the willful ignorance of the rest of the World. 

Mexico Annexes California

Photo by Esparta Palma
A Federal judge upholds California’s Morgan Hill Unified School District ban on pro-American clothing on the fifth of May (Cinco de Mayo, as it will now be known).  In 2010, the school district banned students from wearing American flag shirts, and other pro-U.S. clothing, on May 5th.  Although, this is a big holiday in Mexico, the School District seemed unaware that California was, at the time, a part of the United State of America – not Mexico.  The Federal court ruled that the ban was not an affront to the First Amendment protections of free speech leaving one to conclude that California must therefore be a State of Unidos Estados de Mexico, or the judge simply confused the U.S. State with the Mexican State of Baja California…an honest mistake.

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