Friday, November 18, 2011

Headline Rewind - Week of Nov. 14

Obama Administrations Continues to Snub Nose at Transparency

The only thing transparent about the Obama Administration is the toilet water into which he is flushing his campaign promise for government accountability.  In a fresh round of Congressional testimony before the House Natural Resources Subcommittee, the CEO of consulting firm ECSI described the pressure from Obama Administration officials to redo their analysis after the number of projected job losses resulting from Obama regulations on the Coal mining industry were too high for their liking.  The firm refused, citing a little something known as intellectual honesty.  The Administration didn't want to show the true impact of more of its burdensome regulations upon the American middle class; given the consultant's refusal to lie, the Administration terminated ECSI's contract. 

Black Friday Beckons

Still a week away, many are already getting ready to indulge in the customary, day-after-Thanksgiving, Black Friday melee.  A couple in St. Petersburg, Florida began their campout at Best Buy on Monday - that's 12 days before Black Friday.  It would be much more impressive, however, if someone would camp outside the Best Buy in Anchorage 12 days in advance.  

NYC to Occupy: Vacate

Photo by Debra Gaines
New York Mayor Bloomberg finally found the gumption to evict Occupy protestors from Zuccotti park.  Many arrests were made as police officers moved in on protestors who had refused to leave during the early morning hours.  In the process of clearing out the remaining mess of tents, tarps, and other structures left by the protestors, workers discovered garbage, feces, and hypodermic needles...and yet the protestors wonder why they can't find jobs?  Really!!??  It's bad enough they want more government handouts, but apparently they also expect taxpayers to foot the bill for cleaning up after themselves - I'm sure they'd also like us to pick their boogers and wipe their butts.

In a related story, the city of Washington D.C. is opting to continue permitting protestors.  City officials suggested the protestors were good for local business.  However, it may simply be that Occupy protestors effectively bring down the per capita crime and drug use rates in D.C.

Ex-Coach Sandusky Makes a Good Case for Bringing Back the Stocks

As the Sandusky scandal continues to unfold at Penn State, Jerry Sandusky made a public attempt to defend himself.  Speaking without a lawyer present (obviously), Sandusky revealed just how perverse he really is.  Sandusky, and the filth like him, make an excellent argument for bringing back the humiliating punishment of the public stocks.  Although I'm not sure he would survive very long.

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