Friday, October 7, 2011

Morons on Wall Street

The protestors participating in Occupy Wall Street are expressing their First Amendment right to free speech, one of the privileges of a free society.  For this I applaud them - provided they do so lawfully.  In addition, I find some common ground with their objections to the bank bailouts and their apparent desire to eliminate the Federal Reserve.  I am also likewise dismayed at the weight and influence large corporations (and other special interests) carry with the government.  However similar our objections might be, the protestor's motivations and end-game couldn't be more dissimilar and, once again, the liberals and left-wing zealots reveal their completely illogical and irrational philosophies.

Someone among the protestors has taken the liberty to create a "list of demands" for Occupy Wall Street.  After I finished reading the list, and wiping away my tears (of laughter), I began to wonder how many of the people protesting on the streets would think these were good ideas.  Based upon the composition (unions,, Michael Moore, etc.), I'm guessing quite a few would think these demands are fantastic.  Heck...I might even quit my job and loaf around as long as the government is doling out money for nothing.

Lists derived from second-grader intellect and lack of personal accountability aside, the Occupy Wall Streeters are missing the bigger picture.  What they protest is a logical consequence of what they demand.  The bank bailouts were a direct result of a government operating under the socialist mentality.  Likewise, the reason corporations have so much power is because the government has so much power.  Big business, just like big unions and other big special interests, have a lot of money; they use their money to "buy" politicians.  If our government didn't control so many aspects of our lives (e.g. taxes, education, health insurance, healthcare, food, etc.) then these special interests wouldn't be able to exert control via the government.  Therefore, the solution is not a bigger government, but a much, much smaller government.  

China offers an excellent example.  Prior to the Special Economic Zones (SEZ) established by the Chinese government in the 1980s, China had a huge income disparity between the political class and everyone else.  Only after they allowed free market principles in the SEZs did a middle class emerge.  However, in China it is still common, indeed customary, to bribe public officials in order to conduct business.  Therefore, the powerful political class and the wealthy continue to conspire with one another to maintain power and control.  The big-government, socio-marxist government desired by Occupy Wall Street would have similar consequences and actually make the situation worse.

Unfortunately for conservatives, the Left is afforded unquestioned latitude in what they can claim without being questioned.  For example, they claim they are the 99% and the mainstream media complacently agrees when they are in fact a very small minority of Americans.  It is up to each of us to stand up against their bogus claims and challenge their political philosophies whenever possible.  This doesn't necessarily mean marching against the throngs of uninformed students on Wall Street, but it does entail standing up to ignorance in our everyday contacts with co-workers, store clerks, and friends.  Simple logical reasoning and historical references are sufficient ammunition against the wanton idiocy of the Occupy Wall Street mentality.

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