Friday, October 21, 2011

Headline Rewind - Week of October 17th

Capitalism to Blame for Death of Toddler in China

Photo by Boris van Hoytema
In a horrific tragedy in Foshan, China, a two-year-old girl toddling across the street is struck by two vans - neither driver stops.  Video of the incident shows the first driver realizing he hit the child, slowing, then continuing.  Eighteen people walked by the little girl laying in a pool of blood in the street before someone picks her up and helps her.  Wang Yue, the girl, died at a hospital from her injuries.

The Associated Press is heaping blame on China's "economic growth and rising prosperity."  A Chinese psychologist is quoted as saying, "Rapid urbanization not only affects China or Foshan, but anywhere in the world where you have a lot of high-rise buildings, where there is high population density, then the relationship with the neighbors, and with each other is affected."  Apparently the AP and Chinese citizens cited by the media outlet have never heard of China's One Child Policy which was instituted in 1978, well before any semblance of capitalism entered the communist nation.  (Special Economic Zones weren't enacted until the 1980s).  Also missing from the list of realities is the prevalence of female infanticide resulting from the policy and cultural favoritism of men.  The bodies of infant girls have been left in street gutters for decades, but apparently it is all caused by economic prosperity and not habitual immorality derived from a largely Godless society.

Senate Breaks Record and Does Right Thing Twice in Same Decade

Unprecedented in recent history, the U.S. Senate made two good legislative decisions.  The first was voting down President Obama's full "jobs bill" last week and the second was voting down his pared down "jobs bill" this week.  Seemingly unaware of the Democratic party's majority in the Senate, President Obama proceeded to chide Senate Republicans for "obstruct[ing] a bill that would create jobs and get our economy going again."  Of course, the Senate would have passed the bill had it not been for Senators Nelson and Pryor (Democrats), but the President again failed to tell the truth.

No word yet on whether the politicians in D.C. will ever get over their incessant need to play politics with every issue and actually do something to benefit the U.S. economy: such as deregulating, lowering and simplifying taxes, and drastically cutting government spending.

The U.S. Begins Manufacturing Homosexuals (Was this part of Obama's jobs plan?)

A lesbian couple in California (of course) is giving their 11 year old son hormone blocking drugs so he can decide if he is a boy or a girl - apparently his anatomy wasn't a good enough clue.  In a development only shocking to his two moms, Tommy (now called Tammy) began insisting he was a girl at age 3.  The drugs are intended to delay onset of his physiologically normal adolescent testosterone to allow Tommy to remain confused.  In a world where the nature versus nurture origins of homosexuality are still hotly debated, this pair of women appear intent to manufacture their own gender confused child.  Sadly, it will ultimately be Tommy who suffers the ill effects.

Muammar Gaddafi Dead

Libya's 69 year old tyrannical despot was killed while running from advancing rebel forces.  Libya is now considered under control of the National Transition Council, a provisional government headed by Mahmoud Jibril - a U.S. educated politician.  However, it was reported on October 10, 2011 that Jibril intended to resign once liberation was achieved - opening the door for democratic elections to put representatives from Hamas and other like-minded terrorist organizations in power.  Perhaps Libya can be the newest Terroristocracy in the Middle East.

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