Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Budget Cuts: Free Haircut

I sat forlorn in a discount haircut franchise watching as my hair fell to the floor whilst what remaining on my head began looking similar to unwanted patches of crab grass in my lawn.  I handed over my $5.00 off coupon and grimaced as the total still came to $12.00.  Why was I paying money for a haircut I could from a chance encounter between my head and the weed whacker in my garage?

Then it occurred to me: why not use the weed whacker to cut my own hair if it’s is going to look like an industrial accident anyway…at least it would be free.  Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme, but an electric trimmer later I was hacking away at my own head.  Even better – it was an improvement over the little franchise place. 

In my never-ending quest to save money I had reached the pinnacle of frugality.  At an average of $15.00 per haircut every 4 weeks I am now saving roughly $195 per year.  The investment was $35 for a trimmer and guards that should last for several years.  Of course, I still haven’t priced out the Dracula collar shirts to hide the back of my head – that pesky part where I never can tell what I’m cutting.

Although I recommend this cost cutting approach, it is not right for everyone.  Women, for instance.  Typically the electric trimmer is best used for cutting hair to relatively short lengths:  perfect for the butch look, but not so good for the more contemporary female styles.  It is also inappropriate for anyone with the deranged kitchen mop style prevalent among teen males.

And a final note: be sure not to use the trimmer for “edging” your hair unless it is so designed.  Turns out the hair trimmer I bought is intended for use only with guards; without a guard it also trims skin.  The upside is you always know exactly to where to trim your hair – scar marks the spot.

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