Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Obama’s Only Crisis Plan

The Obama Administration pulled out its favorite, and only, tool for dealing with a crisis: file a lawsuit. Responding to Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law, the Administration filed suit alleging usurpation of the Federal government’s Constitutional role in foreign affairs, namely immigration. For those of us with a clue, this move is as idiotic as it is transparent.

President Obama’s disdain for our nation and its founding documents is no secret. Therefore, his abject failure to secure our borders is no surprise; in fact, his motivation for the suit is solely to draw attention to his latest proposed legislation: immigration reform. His solution is to give amnesty to illegals – if you don’t have any illegals then there can’t be an immigration problem (in his little mind). Moreover, Obama and his ilk need more votes and what better way to get them than by importing them from Mexico? Therefore, this lawsuit is symbolic because it firmly shows Obama’s true motives and lets American citizens know their security, prosperity, and our Constitution are a distant second to our Marxist Fuhrer’s political and socioeconomic aspirations. 

Equally noteworthy is the repeated use of lawsuits for policy-making by Obama. Instead of going through the appropriate (Constitutional) avenues, Obama prefers judicial activism as evidenced by his prior writings, speeches, Supreme Court nominees, and his administration’s persistent use of lawsuits. In addition to being an affront to our Constitution, this approach is entirely ineffective at producing the desired results, further divides our country, and is a symptom of incompetent leadership. Given his track record, I wouldn’t be surprised if he delayed his Afghanistan troop decision while he tried to figure out who he could sue. He couldn’t sue our military personnel because it would be too difficult to send that many certified letters. He couldn’t sue Karzi because then it would be too awkward when he bowed to him. The Taliban is out because he didn’t have a proper address. Al Qaeda wouldn’t work because they are his muslim brothers. He couldn’t sue George W Bush because Bush would probably mess that up too. All that’s left was Israel, but that didn’t work out since Obama doesn’t recognize it as a sovereign nation – so there wasn’t anything to sue.

President Obama is like Wally from the Dilbert comic strip. Wally is always finding a way to get out of doing his work and Obama shirks his responsibilities by cranking out a lawsuit rather than a solution. Instead of working with BP and the oil industry to find solutions to the existing spill and the potential for future accidents, Obama sues BP. Instead of doing his job and enforcing the existing immigration laws, Obama sues Arizona.

More to the point, Arizona’s law would be entirely superfluous if the Feds would do their job and secure the borders. Contrary to Obama’s view of the Constitution and our nation, Arizona is a sovereign state that chose to join the Union and become a State for the apparent benefits of so doing. If the Federal government is failing to provide any benefit, it is within Arizona’s right to dissolve its union with the United States of America. Considering that the Fed is derelict in its constituted duties (common defense, international relations) while infringing upon States’ sovereignty through an ever-expanding overreach of its Constitutional bounds (healthcare, welfare, uber-taxation) it may be time for Arizona to secede – along with all the other disenfranchised States.

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