Monday, June 14, 2010

President Obama vs. the Gulf Oil Spill

For 56 days crude oil has been streaming into the Gulf of Mexico through a failed Blow Out Preventer situated on the ocean floor.  President Obama is not responsible for the accident that caused the oil spill, nor is he responsible for fixing the leak; however, he is responsible for his ardent failure to lead the Executive branch of our Federal government in the performance of its duties.

Recently, Obama struck out against small government supporters saying (paraphrased), "Some of the folks who have been saying they want government to do less are now complaining that the government isn't doing enough."  Certainly, one should expect more from a constitutional law "expert" such as the president, but given his bent towards destroying the Constitution his comment is not the least bit surprising.  Perhaps he should read the words of the founding fathers, both the Constitution and their ancillary writings - such as the Federalist Papers.  Through those works he would discover that the Tea Party movement is interested not just in repealing the damage done by an over-intrusive federal government; rather, it is also concerned with restoring the government to a form consistent with its Constitution.  As such, the job of the federal government is to 1) provide for the common defense (of the states - not unions), 2) provide standards and measures, 3) resolve disputes between the states, and 4) FOREIGN RELATIONS.

Although our government is certainly incapable of solving the oil leak and oil cleanup because it lacks the expertise and equipment - it has a duty to negotiate and coordinate assistance from other nations per its foreign relations purview.  Small government minded Americans are not asking for greater government involvement - we are asking for the federal government to do the job it is supposed to while ceasing to do the work it is not supposed to!  When another country offers oil skimmers, it is the responsibility of the Feds to facilitate the assistance in spite of old laws that may preclude foreign vessels from working in U.S. waters.  A real leader would have found a way to make it work. 

Although the EPA is arguably beyond the scope of the federal government, it nonetheless exists and has the ability to regulate.  Therefore, the President bears responsibility to waylay the EPA when it insists on an environmental impact assessment before permitting Louisiana to protect its sensitive coasts from encroaching oil.  I'm quite certain many Tea Partiers would support a smaller EPA, but so long as it exists and has regulatory power it must perform its function - which would seem to be enabling the minimization of environmental impacts from the Gulf oil spill - not making it worse by beating a governor over the head with senseless bureaucracy.

Although we know the President can't resolve the oil spill problems because our government lacks the ability and equipment to do so (and the leadership, apparently).  I certainly would not assign Obama the responsibility for the remedy or cleanup, but he assigned it to himself by accepting full responsibility.  Once he realized he couldn't "suck [the oil] up with a straw," he backed off his claim to responsibility by blaming BP and instructing Eric Holder to investigate BP for criminal negligence.  Although BP is clearly responsible for this disaster, investigating them in the midst of trying to fix the problem is a waste of resources and an abject failure to work towards a solution.

Lastly, we are witnessing a president who is so ensnared by his popularity rating that he is a complete failure as a leader, prefering to exhibit false anger and posing for endless photo ops in appeasement of the masses while getting nothing accomplished.  A leader is forward-looking (i.e. stop blaming Bush), forthright (no you weren't there since day 1), and solution oriented (stop making more problems).  Every American is well aware of the deft Obama spin machine, but the election is over and we need someone who knows how to lead the executive office of the United States of America. 

President Obama, I don't need you kicking anyone's a** until you get your head out of your own.

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