Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Your Government is Lying to You (About Abortion Coverage in the Health Care Bill)

Given the Obama Administration’s lack of transparency and honesty, not to mention Congress’ similar failure to act honestly and responsibly, it should be no surprise that America was lied to about abortion coverage in the Health Care Bill. HR 3962 was passed by the House of Representatives after promises spewed from Congressional leaders that the American public would not fund abortions (directly or indirectly) via their tax dollars. A reading of the Bill (available here) exposes blatant misrepresentation of the “compromise” sold to Americans and members of the House.

Page 109 describes the supposed prohibition on abortions. It would have been beneficial for your congressmen to actually have read this part of the bill before they signed up for destroying our country because the prohibition on abortions is slippery at best. While the bill says the Health Choices Commissioner cannot require abortion services to be provided as part of a health plan, it doesn’t exclude the possibility. Page 110 says, “The public health insurance option shall provide coverage for [abortions for which federal funding is allowed]. Nothing in this Act shall be construed as preventing the public health insurance option from providing for or prohibiting coverage of [abortions for which federal funding is prohibited].” The section goes on to say that these two categories of abortions (federally funded or not) are to be based upon the prevailing federal law. Therefore, not only does the bill indicate that the public health plan may or may not provide abortions of all types, there is also a loophole that opens the door for abortion coverage should future laws on federal funding for abortions change.

Section 258 prevents the bill from superceding any state laws on abortion – either prohibitions against it or requirements to provide abortion. Yet another proof that the bill of goods sold to congress and the public is not consistent with the actual bill.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to dupe Congressmen, the media, and millions of pro-government Americans. Yet if this issue is so blatantly misrepresented, then imagine how all the other “selling points” of the bill are mere fabrications (hint: almost all of them). I encourage everyone to take time to read the bill and, more importantly, call your senators to express your outrage and ensure him or her you will not be voting for them if they pass this health care bill.


  1. I received letters from both Colorado senators denying that any federal money would go to fund abortions because the Hyde amendment prohibited it. We must replace Sen. Bennet in 2010.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more...Bennet must go. I only hope the replacement is an improvement.

    Out of curiosity, were the letters just the standard form letters or did they appear to be written specifically in response to your letter?