Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Real Reason the Main Stream Media isn't Covering the ACORN scandal

Despite five videos disclosing corruption and despicable behavior at 4 ACORN Housing locations (Baltimore, Washington D.C., Brooklyn, and San Bernardino), there has been little coverage from the major TV networks - ABC, CBS, NBC, and MSNBC. What coverage has appeared typically gives voice to the leaders of ACORN or an ACORN sympathizer who senselessly characterizes the videos as a racist attack by conservative Republicans. Not to mention the Census Bureau's recent severed ties with the organizations and the Senate's overwhelming vote to withdraw any further HUD grants - merely a whisper at best from these so called "news" organizations.

The ACORN videos are the kind of scandal the media would normally jump all over themselves to cover. It is said ad nauseum, because of its truth, that had this kind of corruption and absence of morality occurred within an organization tied to Bush it would be headline news for weeks. One must believe that broadcasters are in the business for profit; generating revenue (even despite the current deplorable ratings of these former media giants). So why are these networks ignoring this story?

The answer is so simple that I put it on a bumper sticker (click here to order):

Simply put, the main stream media is ignoring this topic because it is toxic to their personal bias, fundamental beliefs, and idolatry of President Obama. If they report on the corruption and immorality of ACORN then they must also address its ties to Obama. President Obama has inextricably linked himself with ACORN; after all, its where he got his big "start."

Eventually the media heads and their producers will be replaced with individuals willing to make the reports that are relevant and important to Americans because the parent corporations will tire of failure. Until then, expect more sputtering about the inconsequential statements by Joe Wilson and false claims of racism.


  1. How much longer do we have to suffer?

  2. I thought Obama was supposed to be the "smart President"