Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Media's Assualt on Free Speech and Logic Continues

This image adorned the front page of the Colorado Springs Independent "newspaper" today. Evidently, it is racist and hateful to portray President Obama as The Joker, but perfectly acceptable to portray Glenn Beck as the same fictional character. I have written often of the illogical nature of subjective morality, but this offers another illustration (pardon the pun) of how it is used to rationalize impropriety as propriety. The editor and author, Anthony Lane, undoubtedly decided that because it was done to Obama they were justified to do it to Beck. Similar arguments abound in the liberal mind. Just today I read a comment to an article on wherein the contributor justified Obama lying to the Nation about the Health Care bill by saying Bush lied about WMDs (I'm not declaring a position, just repeating what was said). Either lying is bad or it's not. One immoral act cannot be used to justify another immoral act.

In the accompanying 5 page article, the author blabbers about the purported puppetry of 9-12ers, Tea Partiers, and other similar conservative organizations; proclaiming Beck is their puppet master. While the author levels ample criticism at Beck, he never once in the article presents a refutation of Beck's claims. Surely Beck's vitrolic rhetoric being as dangerous as Lane claims - even using a highly credible (sarcasm in case you're not accostomed to my style yet) "progressive think tank" as a resource - deserves a concise debunking? Not so. Lane attempts to philosophically connect Beck to the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing, suggesting Beck's books and broadcasts are fueling a violent conservative movement. Lane further suggests that should a hypothetical person associated with the 9-12er movement commit an act of violence it would be the fault of the 9-12ers and Glenn Beck - never mind personal responsibility, it doesn't exist in the Progressive's world.

The article is squarely critical and mocking of Beck, resorting to ad hominem attacks to craft an assault against the talk show host saying on page 17, "The clip is Beck's cue for outrage, and he starts contorting restlessly at his desk like an angry, spiky-haired bobblehead doll." This description was associated with Beck's discussion of Obama's civilian national security force proposal. Interestingly, no where in the article does Lane refute what Beck claims regarding the CNSF. Apparently, baseless character assassinations are more fun than actually doing research and discussing the merits of an argument. Lane also belittles Beck as being a misguided conspiracy theorist. I'm not particularly fond of Beck's personal style, but I have researched his claims and found them to be true. It's a little difficult to argue against video clips depicting what you're describing. Of course, you can also visit the websites of the SEIU and the Apollo Alliance and they do most of the verifying for you.

What is truely ironic about Lane's lambasting of Beck, the 9-12ers, and the Tea Partiers is his complete absence of disdain for the same, or worse, efforts made by the Progressives, Socialists, Unions, and Marxists. For instance, visit The SEIU has established a fake organization that is a parody of Obamacare protesters. They protest with signs as if they were against health care reform but with completely idiotic messages in an attempt to mock and discredit people with legitimate opposition to Obamacare. I guess that's just harmless fun? What about the Obamacare opponent whose finger was bitten off by an SEIU member during a fight in California? I suppose the massive protests in favor of Obamacare organized by the SEIU and other unions is legitimate in spite of the billions in tax dollars they stand to get if the Health Care bill passes (see this prior post)? I'm not using the same tactic I decryed at the beginning of this post by claiming conservatives are justified by the tactics used by liberals; rather, I support the rights of individuals and groups to protest and speak freely regardless of ideology. What I'm pointing out is Lane's opposition to such freedoms for conservatives amid his omission of any opposition when the same freedoms are exercised by liberals. (UPDATE 9/11/09: the murder of Pro-Life protestor in Owosso, MI highlights that manufactured fear of conservative violence is baseless. All people are capable of violence regardless of ideology. Where are the people who blammed conservative TV and Radio hosts for the murder of Tiller? By their logic wouldn't today's killing be the fault of liberals?)

Lane could have taken the noble route, upheld his journalistic oath, and presented an unbiased, fact-based expose behind-the-scenes with the 9-12ers. However, quality journalism and integrity are clearly not in his DNA. Absent any bona fide or defensible dispute he resorts to character attack in accord with his predetermined bias and lack of research. Guess whose editor is going to get a lot of mail? Join me in responding en masse by writing to the Independent at It's not about defending Glenn Beck, it's about defending our God given right to a different opinion and the public voice to air that opinion.

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