Saturday, May 9, 2009

How to Make Sense Like a Liberal

Conservatives are under attack and appear to be losing the argument. I know the American people are not imbeciles so how can they not sympathize with the simple logic of the conservative position? Could it be that my own conservative bias blinds me and the liberal position is actually correct?

Flashback to the grade-school playground. Remember the poor kid that always got picked on by the school bully? He was called names and, inevitably, half-truths or outright lies were told about him by the loud-mouthed, obnoxious bully. No one really likes the bully - you either were afraid of him and stayed away or were afraid and joined his "posse." Regardless, kids started to believe what the bully said about his victims irrespective of its truth. As human beings we try to make sense of the information we receive. If we are told some untruth about the victim our brains attempt to rationalize that information: either a) the story is true and we should believe the bully or b) the story is untrue and we should defend the victim. Unfortunately, we often fear reprisal and, consciously or unconsciously, chose to believe the bully's version of events to preclude any cognitive dissonance and reprisals from the bully.

Now back to current events...

I have noticed the same psychology causing Americans to believe the felonious messages brought forth from the labyrinths of liberal dogma. Liberals have found a very loud voice via mainstream media, movies, television, and politicians. They are using these platforms to espouse their ideology. Moreover, counter arguments by conservative factions are met with the same intellectual prowess afforded the playground bully analogous to the infamous, "I know you are but what am I?" rebuttal. Many conservatives have dropped the argument or choose not to fight fearing the infantile reciprocation - the utter failure to engage in intelligent debate when childish accusations are working so well.

Now having spent many years observing the success of their tactics despite its patent lunacy, I have converged upon the 3 common steps used in every liberal diatribe:

1) Redefine/Re-label
2) Declare scientific authority
3) Ad hominem attack

Take Miss. Carrie Prejean for example. Her curiously brutal fall from pageantry fits well into this model:

1) Redefine - Carrie's free speech expression of her opinion on the topic of gay marriage was redefined by liberals at "Hate." Although she never said anything negative about gay people - her comment was limited to the legal definition of marriage; the liberal bullies quickly turned her into a hate monger.
2) Declare scientific authority - despite never finding a genetic predisposition for homosexuality, we are still led to believe that homosexuality is genetically determined and that no choice is involved. In reality, everything is a choice; whether or not we choose to acknowledge that truth is irrelevant - the truth still stands.
3) Ad hominem attack - It's not enough to calmly and maturely disagree with Carrie, now the liberals have defaced Carrie by calling into question her wholesomeness, citing racy photos from her past. It is a distraction tactic. The photos have nothing to do with Carrie's opinion on the issue of gay marriage and in no way diminish her entitlement to that opinion.

The playground bully was successful because he appealed to our primitive cognition, and the same tactic is working for liberals. It is time conservatives take a strong and vocal stand against the litany of ludicrous accusations and claims being espoused by liberals at all ends of our information spectrum. We must not do it by appealing to the same stupidity, but by showing the superiority of the conservative ideology through intelligent rebuttal. When the lies of the bully are exposed by the facts, data, and simple logic his self-preservationis is destroyed. So too will be the fate of the liberal insolence.


  1. You're obviously not a true conservative because anyone who is a conservative and actually knows his/her politics, economics and history finds it extremely easy to overcome any argument presented by any liberal. And I mean ANY argument by ANY liberal. So who are you then? Another mouth piece for the liberal establishment, perhaps part of some smaller faction based somewhere where you don't get the attention you need while losing the argument to REAL conservatives and this is your way of dealing with it... Play us like you're one of us. Nice try. Here's the deal. If you truly were a conservative, you wouldn't have written this because you would have known that what you're saying is impossible and that conservatives are hardly, ESPECIALLY in this administration, not losing to any arguments made by liberals. That's first and foremost. Next, the second reason why you're not a conservative is because if you truly were this stupid, you'd be a democrat and you're clearly this stupid so that must mean that YOU'RE A DEMOCRAT! Nice try but keep working at it!!!

  2. Wow. Where do I begin with such a moronic comment?

    First, note the date this post was written: May 9th, 2009. If you'll recall, the political climate was much different then compared to now. We were still in the infancy of the Obama presidency and it appeared they had the upper hand: control of both the executive and legislative branches, advancing their agenda quickly, and more favorable poll numbers. Are you really going to accuse me of failure to know my politics and history while you can't even remember what it was like 10 months ago?

    Second, you suggest I don't believe that conservatives would win ANY argument against ANY liberal; yet, the point I'm making is that conservatives base their arguments on logic and sound reasoning and can therefore win any argument. Are you sure you can read?

    Third, you're missing the issue. I wasn't saying liberals have a better argument, much less that they deserve to win an argument. Instead, I was pointing out that liberals have successfully used slander and libel to advance their agenda and conservatives have been too complacent to denounce it, reveal that the liberals are just race-baiting, and return to logic and reason.

    Fourth, if you're idiotic notion that I'm a liberal in disguise is valid, then it would be equally valid to accuse you of the same. Why else would a supposed conservative attack another conservative?

    You obviously haven't read any of my other posts because, if you had, you would realize I'm about the furthest person from liberal in this country. Go take your insults to a blog you can actually comprehend; clearly intellectualism is not your strong point.