Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The voters of America have spoken and Barack Hussein Obama is the next president of our country. I was truly disappointed in the election outcome, but not just because John McCain lost. My disappointment resides in the stupidity of the American population to elect a president not on the basis of his policies and credentials but based upon the influence of mainstream media. Clearly, the media favored Obama over McCain. The Pew Research Center published this finding (and graphic, below): media coverage for John McCain was predominantly unfavorable. The report attempts to discern causation out of correlation, i.e. that coverage was more favorable when a particular candidate was doing better in the national polls. However, much like the anthropogenic global warming nonsense, correlation is no substitute for causation. Furthermore, most polls supplied by media outlets are conducted by a division of the same media corporation. (Note: the % error reported for those polls only accounts for sampling error, it does not address the impact of hangups or urban vs rural area randomness). One is left to wonder what begets what?

When in doubt, follow the money. We cannot conclusively prove media bias through analysis, even the Pew report acknowledges the subjectivity of their data collection. However, we do know which candidate would be better for headlines...the first black U.S. President in history. Compound the financial motivation with the traditional and obvious liberal bias in mainstream media and you have the motive and mechanism for favoring Obama.

However, the media's favoritism began long before the 2008 presidential campaigning started. The media have portrayed George W. Bush as a moronic simpleton. Everything that has gone wrong in this country has been blamed on President Bush's administration. The recession after he took office was blamed on his economic policies even though his policies hadn't even been put into place and the downward economic trend started in the Clinton era. The great accounting scandals of 2002 with such memorable players as Enron, Adelphia, and Worldcom was blamed on lack of proper oversight from the Bush administration even though the scandals began well before his oath of office. All of the negative news from Iraq, and none of the positive, is placed on Bush's shoulders. The current mortgage lending and financial crisis is blamed on Bush despite Clinton's acknowledgment that his administration played a part under the direction of Janet Reno and despite the direct culpability of Obama and Dodd in influencing the government to mandate mortgage loans to high risk borrowers. For the 2008 win all the Obama campaign need do is link McCain with Bush and the media was more than willing to help.

Shame on you American for being so naive to believe what the major network anchors tell you! For believing the media position that corporate greed drove the policies of the Bush administration while ignoring the influence of greed on the media providing you that opinion, shame on you! For accepting the argument that McCain = Bush, shame on you! For accepting that McCain is an out-of-touch wealthy elitist while simultaneously believing Obama is a humble (autobiography selling), in-touch millionaire, shame on you! For accepting Obama's 20 year relationship with Rev. Wright, Ayers, and the PLO without question while chiding McCain for questioning it, shame on you! For believing that large, multi-billion dollar oil companies deserve to be taxed to the gills while ignoring the fiscal motivations of the multi-billion dollar media companies telling you what to think, shame on you! For listening to the ramblings of Hollywood multi-millionares as they call McCain out of touch, shame on you!

In the midst of the worst economic crisis in history you chose to elect a president who wants to raise taxes on the companies that employ you, perhaps somehow hoping that will help your employment situation? You were enthralled with Obama's deep, raspy smokers voice and myriad "uhs" while mocking the strained voice and arm movements of McCain left over from his years of torture while actually serving our country. You wanted to make history by electing the first black president, while unwittingly making history by moving our country one giant leap closer to Marxism. Were you too blinded by his charm to realize his promise of "fundamental change" means fundamentally changing our country? Did CNN forget to tell you how to read between the lines and understand what fundamental change means?

Now you've made history. Contratulations! Kiss your 401K goodbye. Kiss your job goodbye. Kiss your company's medical plan goodbye. Prepare yourself for more taxes, less freedom, and higher unemployment. Welcome the furtherance of moral degradation. As if the willful murder of 46 MILLION babies since Roe v. Wade wasn't enough, your president elect wants to make it easier, less restrictive, and use the corpses of those murdered babies for the "benefit" of medical research. Have you no idea what the Holocaust was? Do you not remember what was done to the victims in the name of medical research? Where is your morality? Do you also believe that when two people make a CHOICE to have sex they shouldn't "be punished with a baby" that may likely result from their decision?

Is the government's existing record on social programs so exemplary that you said, "Here you go, Obama, make some more of those!" You think we need more programs like FEMA, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, VA, Welfare, the IRS, and the TSA? You looked at France's recent achievements (none) and thought, "We should be more like that!" Did you not realize that there are still homeless, uninsured, and numerous jobless people in France? Do you not know that Sarkozy was elected because France's citizen's tired of their country's inability to compete economically?

Of course not, you listened to the left-bent liberal media tell you to vote for Obama because:

1) He's not George Bush
2) The condition of our economy is entirely the fault of the GOP (ignore that the House and Senate have been controlled by the Dems for 2+ years).
3) Our wasteful, greedy politicians are going to be more responsible with your money than you are.
4) You can make history by electing the first Black President of the United States of America.

I hardly believe that the fourth point justifies the prior three, much less the remaining litany of tragic changes the media didn't tell you about and you were too ignorant to research for yourself. Some of you prayed that Obama would be elected, but now you best pray that Obama's plans never become reality lest we descend into socialist mediocracy, never to regain our ingenuity much less our World-leading personal philanthropy. Why did waste your time going to the polls and voting? Just let the media decide for you. After all, never before has it been more apparent that we live in a country whose populace is controlled and maligned by its media;

Our form of government is a Mediaocracy!

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