Friday, August 29, 2008

What Did Obama Really Say?

On Thursday night (8/28/08) Senator Barack Hussein Obama delivered a powerful speech to the American public with viewership rivaled only by the Super Bowl. Expectedly, many compared it to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech as Obama's oration was on the anniversary of King's famous event. Obama even seemed to emulate King's gestures and wavering voice at times. But after all the glitz and glamour of the delivery, what did Obama really tell our nation?

Obama said he would stop giving corporations tax breaks to send American jobs overseas.

Wow! I didn't know we gave corporations tax incentives to outsource jobs...because we don't. What Obama really said was that he would institute trade tariffs. The problem is that other countries have realized they can spur economic growth by lowering taxes. Therefore, if an American company wants to move operations to a foreign country they will enjoy lower taxes. Without significant tariffs on international trade the savings from switching to a country with low taxes is real. For instance, many companies (IBM, Microsoft, Merrill Lynch, Wyeth Biopharmaceutical) have made large investments in Ireland following that country's reduction of corporate income taxes to 10%.

So Obama really said that he wants trade tariffs. Problem: the other countries will counter our tariffs with their own. Thus, there is no true benefit to Americans; in fact, this would be a detriment because free trade has actually increased the number of American jobs, increased US GDP, and decreased the cost of imports. Reversing free trade would increase the cost of imports for US consumers, increase the cost of doing business in America resulting in lost jobs, and unnecessarily burden our economy. Clearly, Obama was only pandering to organized labor on this talking point.

McCain is just 4 more years of George Bush.

Obama claimed that McCain voted with Bush 90% of the time, but I didn't realize Bush was a Senator. For those of you that may have slept through your US Government class - first the House votes, then the Senate, then the President. Therefore, it is more accurate to say Bush voted with McCain 90% of the time. Furthermore, if those votes were the best votes for our country I would certainly hope the Senate and President are voting in lockstep.

Obama blamed George Bush for economic decline, war with Iraq, and high oil prices claiming McCain is also guilty by association. Yet, what political party has been in control of the House and Senate for the last 4 years? What branch of government has the authority to override a Presidential veto? What Senators have been a part of that party, that branch of government, and have failed to accomplish anything? (Hint: 1. Democratic party 2. Legislative 3. Clinton, Biden, and Obama). Remember the promises from Dems that, if elected, they would bring our troops out of Iraq? According to Obama, their failure is George Bush's fault.

Casting ire on McCain for voting for the war in Iraq is foolish because Obama's running mate, Joe Biden, also voted for the war. Obama can honestly say he did not, but he wasn't a Senator at the time; so we don't know how he would have really voted if he had the opportunity. Maybe he should have thought through this tactic a little more.

What was Obama really saying? He was saying that he won't take responsibility for anything.

America has fallen far short on the decades and decades of social programs so far, but it will be different with Obama in charge.

This is heavily paraphrased, but Obama was talking about the distrust of government because of all the previous failures to deliver on promises. He went on to suggest his promises would actually work out - contrary to all the previous failures. Does he really think past presidents were less visionary? Is a new chief executive all it takes to make government function?

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, FEMA, Public education, and Welfare. Have any of these public social programs fulfilled their original intent? What is Obama really saying: he is so egotistical that he actually thinks history wouldn't repeat itself just because he's in charge. Are you willing to bet an increasingly large chunk of your income on that?

Obama said he would lower taxes for 95% of all taxpayers [and tax the snot out of the wealthy] and large corporations and big oil.

Could there be a more asinine idea? We already have a progressive tax in this country (don't know what that means? Read here) and the wealthy are shouldering the lions share of the tax burden - contrary to what you hear in the news. Obama is proposing massive increases in the tax rate for corporations and wealthy citizens and claims he will reduce the tax rate for middle to low income earners. Yet let's think about this from an economic perspective...

...If the profits corporations make are taxed at a higher rate then there is less money to pay salaries, expand their businesses, and for paying shareholders dividends. Investment would decrease, unemployment would increase, and real income would decrease. Corporations and wealthy individuals would be more likely to offshore, outsource, and relocate to countries with more favorable tax conditions. There are no private or publicly traded entities that would idly eat tax increases without taking mitigating actions - e.g. outsourcing or even shuttering.

Once again, Obama is ignoring recent history with his favoritism for taxation of windfall profits. The last time this windfall profits were taxed American consumers realized supply shortages and dramatic price increases - it was a miserable failure. Regarding Big Oil, Obama is ignoring (along with much of the media) that their profit margins are not out of line with the majority of corporations, large and small. Therefore, Obama was really saying that he hasn't a shred of economic sense and he isn't afraid of pandering to uneducated, success hating liberals as long as it wins him a few votes.

Americans can rely on the government to make their lives better.

Obama bantered about not being able to pull yourself up by your bootstraps because you don't have bootstraps. He continued by asserting it was the government's responsibility to help you up...and keep helping you forever, evidently. Apparently, Obama doesn't think you should have to work for anything and when times get tough just look for a handout. He further disagrees that we are a nation of whiners in spite of the constant whining, "I bought a house I couldn't afford, it's not my fault, bail me out!" Obama believes we shouldn't have to work hard.

My grandparents grew up during the depression. When they were married they literally had nothing but each other. It was WWII and my grandfather was in the Navy. Through hard work and fortitude they pulled through and became successful all the while understanding that their family and God were the real reasons for truly living. Times were hard, and I'm sure they had their complaints, but they certainly didn't wait around until the government decided to kiss their boo boo and make it all better.

Obama was really saying we should all be poor, never work hard, and blame everyone else (especially the goverment) if things aren't going well.

Having helped you understand what Obama really said its time to reveal what I really said in my first sentence: "On Thursday night (8/28/08) Senator Barack Hussein Obama powerfully delivered a worthless speech to the American public..."

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