Monday, June 16, 2008

Gas Prices too High? Then do Something About it.

The price of a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline is $4.28 at the discount retailers in my city. It is painful to fill up my four cylinder car and drive to work. I can afford the gas, but I'd rather be spending my money on something else or, heaven forbid, investing it. I don't blame Congress or "Big Oil" and I don't expect either to do anything about it. I especially decry any windfall tax on the oil companies - that would simply be passed on to the customer anyway. Such short-sighted political pandering to the populace will not help anyone and would likely make the situation worse.

We have also seen that the driving public is quite price-insensitive. Perhaps this is attributable to the poor commuting alternatives, old habits, or long distances we commute. Regardless, the price goes up and we keep shelling out cash (or charging it) for that all important liquid. Many liberals would like to see government intervention. They can't understand how George Bush [made China's economy grow into an industrialized nation that demands so much oil] and caused our gas prices to go up (Side note: liberals can, and do, put most anything they feel like in the brackets).

It couldn't possibly be that market forces - supply and demand - are causing the rampant price increases because that would imply there are no conservatives to blame. Evidently, it is much more comforting to envision wealthy Texas oil tycoons is sitting in their mansions squashing little clay figures of the American working class as they manipulate prices and save away their next billion dollar bonus in an off-shore bank account. Perhaps they believe if this were true we would have a rectifiable situation: just tax the snot out of them and subsidize gasoline.

But for the rational among us...I have a different proposition: affect a change in the market demand for oil.

I just bought a new road bike last weekend and I intend to use it to commute to or from work. Take the bus to work and ride home. Probably not every day (it rains a lot here), but certainly when I can. I get my exercise, reduce my gasoline bill, and do my part to shift demand to the left. (The liberals are all jumping in trying to espouse their nonsense, "Ooooo, oooo and you'll lower your carbon footprint too.") Instead of wearing a ridiculous "Protesting Gas Prices" shirt when I ride, I'll wear the shirt pictured above - I'm "Riding for P-prime." Of course, it will only make sense to the 3 or 4 conservatives that live in the Seattle area.

Just in case you're interested, I put the shirt up on the RightBias apparel site.

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