Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Major Earthquake Disaster in China, but Everything is Alright...

...Because the giant Pandas in captivity are okay. Ever since the quake struck central China on Monday (5/12/08) my number one concern has been about the fate of the 86 Pandas in captivity. Sure...there are tens of thousands of humans dead and many thousands more buried in rubble, but we all know the value of endangered animals far exceeds that of humans. Thus, it was justified that this article occupy the front page headlines of the CNN.com website this afternoon.

Seriously, when was it that the animals became more important than human life? Today's article is hardly an isolated incident. Look at the media frenzy and public outrage at the Michael Vick dog fighting scandal. This isn't to suggest what Michael Vick did was acceptable nor am I suggesting the fate of the Pandas is unimportant, what I am suggesting is that our priorities are out of line. Do we really need to know how a bunch of bears are doing in the midst of the massive human tragedy?

Had Michael Vick committed child abuse, rape, or spousal abuse he might have captured the headlines for a week, been given probation, and had his discretions slip away into the sea of public apathy. Instead, Vick is serving time in prison and I still see headlines about the recovering canine victims or Vick's new football "career" behind bars. Again, it isn't that I'm unsympathetic to animals; I'm just disgusted by the attention and public outcry over animal related injustices in comparison to the muted response given to issues of human suffering.

I'll extend my disdain a bit further and note the disparity of concern over environmental issues versus human suffering. How many mainstream headlines each day are dedicated to the Global Warming hysteria? Contrast that with the number of mainstream headlines about human suffering in Darfur, human rights in Zimbabwe, lack of religious freedom in Vietnam, and the list goes on. How many headlines garnered attention about Myanmar's military junta denying basic human freedoms prior to the cyclone on May 3, 2008? And yet we get to hear from Al Gore in the midst of the Myanmar tragedy as he attempts to link the cyclone to his Global Warming propaganda.

If a large earthquake ever strikes where I live (again) I hope I'm not buried in rubble anywhere near the zoo or a tree because I know what will be rescued and hugged, respectively, before I am.


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  1. Pandas make a better photo op than disease people in poverty. Same reason the death of Princess Diana got all the coverage at the expense of Mother Theresa. That covers the sales side of the news.

    As far as the reporters themselves, its just simple hypocrisy. They talk all about being champions of the poor, but they are not. Lets use the Good Samaritan story as a parable. The reporters are not the Good Samaritan that help someone in need, but the people that they mark as greedy or bitter are that Good Samaritan. The media talks a good talk, but when it comes to doing something they don't.