Monday, March 3, 2008

Earth Liberation Front - What exactly are they liberating the Earth from?

The Earth Liberation Front (ELF) recently displayed their mastery of the illogical by burning down several homes in an upscale Seattle neighborhood. Fortunately, the homes were unoccupied model homes and no one was injured - although the lives of the fire fighters responding to the blaze were on the line. A cryptic, spray painted message at the site indicated ELF objected to homes because they were not built green. Of course, this "organization" is not known for intelligence or communication skills so understanding the totality of their objections may never be possible.

I wonder from what ELF thinks they are liberating the Earth. Certainly these deviants realize they are spewing tons of toxic and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Their form of objection to the wastefulness of these homes is perplexing when their tactics make complete waste of the resources already used to build the homes. Notwithstanding the fact that these homes will be rebuilt at a cost of additional natural resources and energy. The lumber needed for the rebuilding will destroy more forest land, the equipment used will consume more fossil fuels, and the synthetic materials will create more toxic waste. Is this liberation?

This is not the only time ELF has displayed its foolishness. In 1998 the group burned a Vail Ski Resort lodge to the ground - it was later rebuilt. In 2003 ELF burned a 206 unit San Diego condominium building - also later rebuilt. Again, what liberation?

Couldn't these resources, time, and energy be put to beneficial use? If these individuals were truly concerned about the environment they would put their time and money to a degree in environmental engineering, or study new, more efficient (and economical) solutions to the consumption and use of natural resources. If they were really interested in the liberation of the Earth they would find ways to improve efficiency with a cost benefit on the side (like fluorescent light bulbs, on-demand water heaters, thermally efficient windows, etc.).

Maybe ELF really stands for "Earth's Lunatics and Fanatics."


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