Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Uncle Sam Should Bail out Retailers...

...when hell freezes over. This article on CNN.com would lend you to believe retailers are in a dire crisis with the economic woes sending them plummeting into bankruptcy. They are complaining that the proposed economic stimulus package isn't enough to turn around their slump. Yet a closer look at the articles shows that they are not talking about declining revenues. In fact, they are talking about slower than previous growth in sales...that's right, they're still growing just not as quickly.

Interesting...the economic value of my salary keeps shrinking and I doubt I am alone. Rising energy costs, higher taxes, increased medical costs, and inflating costs of consumer goods (that's strange) are all working to put downward pressure on my purchasing power. Given this observation I should model my approach after the National Retail Federation (NRF) and ask the Feds to push through an economic incentive package just for me...let's see...I'll be needing about $1 billion.

Or here is another idea: How about we tell the NRF about a little thing called supply and demand. If they're not selling more junk at as fast a rate as they used to then why don't they try lowering their prices?

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